Got any Questions?

Check the below FAQ's

1. What is TT Uni?

As a part of Tradetron's mission to democratize Algo trading, TT Uni aims at providing high-quality education to the trader community through courses, blogs videos and more.

2. What do TT Uni courses include?

All TT Uni course is created and owned by the instructors. The foundation of each course is its lectures, which can include videos, slides, and text. In addition, instructors can add resources and various types of practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students.

3. How do I take a TT Uni course?

The courses will be conducted on pre-determined days at a specific time online via Zoom webinars. These webinars will be conducted live by an instructor for the participants who have enrolled for the same.

4. Do I receive anything after I complete a course?

Yes, all courses include an assignment towards the end of the same course. This assignment shall be moderated by the instructor or his team. Post successfully completing the assignment you will be eligible for a reward which includes a certificate and coupon.

5. Is there any way to preview a course?

No, however, we do offer some free courses on TT Uni which can be a good starting point along your journey with Tradetron University.

6. How can I pay for a course?

TT Uni supports several different payment methods, depending on your account country and location. You can get more details of the same by clicking on the 'enroll now' button for the respective course.

7. Can I get in touch with my instructor after the course is completed?

Yes, the instructor and all batchmates shall be added to a Telegram group which can be used to share your progress, feedback and achievements with your fellow batchmates.

8. Is there an option for part payment?

No, at the moment we do not have part payment options.

9. Will the recorded sessions be available for later?

Yes, Recordings will be uploaded on the website and will be available for 1 month after the course ends.

10. When will the courses start at an end?

The course schedule will be available on the respective course's page.